Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 6 in Review

The Score
Eaters - 8.5   Compost - 1.5    Carry Over -1.0
Just when things had started to feel easier... train wreck week!  Maybe I have gotten too adventuresome for my own good, but a lot of the recipes this week felt flat, or worse.  I certainly don't want to just prepare the same ingredients in the same ways over and over again.  I guess that I need to remember that this is still very early in the experiment, and for every success, there will probably be at least one failure.  In terms of what didn't get consumed, one recipe was pretty much inedible and hit the compost, along with half a head of lettuce that I couldn't refresh back to good health.  And, after all of my enthusiasm for blood oranges last week, for now my diet needs to be completely free of citrus (and more, see Week 7), so a few of our oranges and lemons will remain with us into next week.

The Good
  • The homemade herb pesto (featuring rosemary from the box, as well as oregano and parsley from our garden) was delicious along with a grilled pork tenderloin.  The recipe was improvised by my husband

The So-So
  • The spinach potato frittata was decent, but reviews from the kids drew comparisons to many other similar frittatas served in past weeks.  All in all, the ingredients were fairly bland

The Ugly
  • I actually didn't think that the sauteed swiss chard with parmesan was that bad, but it elicited gags from my kids, and that's something I hardly ever see.  I'm thinking it was more texture than taste, but probably won't try again to find out
  • Do to the loss of some of our lettuce, as well as a change in our plans late week, the steak salad never got made (though the rest of the lettuce did get eaten up anyway)
  • Kale chips - where did you (I) go wrong.  How can 516 people rate the recipe 4 1/2 stars, and yet the results taste so disgusting to my whole family?  


  1. I love your blog! I am so excited to try some of the recipes you've shared and appreciative of being saved from those recipes that didn't turn out so good. We tried the Swiss Chard and parmesan recipe last week and it was actually our first time eating Swiss Chard. We (my nine year old daughter, husband, and myself) were all very nervous but actually thought it was pretty good and all gobbled it up. We had it again the next night because we were going out of town and wanted to make sure it didn't go bad. I think two nights in a row was a bit much and we weren't as crazy about it the second time around, but still not horrible. I had just printed out the Kale chips recipe before I saw your post. Although I'm not as ambitious about it tasting good now that I see your post, I will still give it a try since it did get so many good ratings. I can't wait to see your blog next week!

  2. Thanks, April! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Definitely let me know if you try other things with similar (or different) results. I figure the more we can all benefit from each other's experimentation, the better!!