Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 4 in Review

The Score
Eaters - 12   Compost - 1    Carry Over - 1
Getting back to full eating capacity this week meant that we did a much better job tackling the box (and previous week's carry over).  We ate a lot of great meals with a lot of delicious vegetables (and one amazing pie!), but most of the fennel tops hit the compost since they were able only to make a minor appearance in our lives this week.  One head of lettuce didn't get eaten but is still in great shape and will carry over into our next week of meals.

The Good
  • The halibut over tatsoi was once again devoured by all.  A few tweaks to the sauce (less sugar, more jalapenos) made it even more delicious than the last time.
  • My husband made his favorite pie - strawberry-rhubarb - and adorned it with the logo of his favorite team - the Red Sox! 
The So-So
  • The grilled chicken with braised greens and polenta was gorgeous.  I was out that evening, so sadly I didn't get to try it.  According to the boys, the greens were good, but they weren't too excited about the firm polenta. 
  • The leek and swiss chard frittata was actually loved by all, and included some added tarragon that really went nicely with both veggies.  Given that I was never able to find a recipe for fennel tops, however, they made an appearance on our plates this week solely as a garnish, and that seemed kind of sad.

The Ugly

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