Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 3 in Review

The Score
Eaters - 6.5    Compost - 1    Carry Over - 3.5
This week I found it very hard to keep to the meal plan.  My husband was on the road Monday through Thursday, and I not only had to take care of all of the cooking, there was also a lot of mid-week running around that was mine to get done.  The end result was that cooking time was significantly impacted, and there was also one less adult to help with the eating.  There were two meals - the penne and stir fry - that I never got around to making so we ended up with a lot of carry over (rapini, tatsoi, as well as some lettuce, carrots and leeks).  This week's cilantro wilted amazingly quickly and went into the compost bin, but fortunately I had some left over from last week's box that was still in great shape and contributed to one of the week's recipes.  I'm just grateful that most of what we do have is fresh enough to carry over from week to week, as there will often be crazy weeks like this!

The Good
  • My husband's chicken dish with braised fennel and leeks was amazing... a perfect lazy Sunday meal
  • The pork chops with apple chutney were delicious, and accompanied by last week's yummy beets.  I neglected to mention that my husband was SO excited about the way we've been eating with our produce CSA that he decided to join a organic meat, poultry and eggs CSA (more on that another time).  This meal was devoured by the boys, and was the first meal rated (by one) a perfect "10"!
Happy, post-meal beet teeth!
The So-So
  • The kale with lentils was quite tasty, but I'm still on the quest for a good tikka masala recipe.  This week's attempt was way too runny, and void of some of the flavors that I was looking for.  The cilantro-mint chutney was alright, but I feel like the addition of yogurt threw the flavors off a bit.  There is still so much to master in this cooking adventure.

The Ugly
  • The only unfortunate meals this week were the ones that never got made.

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