Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 5 - Spring is Here Again!

How do I know this?  Not from the weather (i.e. recent nights with temperatures that have dropped into the 30s)... no.  I know this because of this week's box, and the inclusion of green garlic.  From what I've read - which I needed to do, since I've personally never cooked with it before - green garlic is a first sign of the season.  If this is true, I couldn't be more thrilled.  I'm so ready for warmer weather, the gardening it allows and the crops it supports.  We're all looking forward to some new items arriving in our box, but for now we'll have to be happy with mostly more of the same while experimenting with a green portent of many good things to come!

In the box this week
(top) Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Braising Greens, Arugula, Cilantro
(bottom) Carrots, Spinach, Green Garlic, Radishes, Beets, Apples, Blood Oranges, Strawberries

Meal plan for the week
Sunday: Skirt steak salad with Blood Oranges, Radishes and Arugula
Monday: Out to dinner for burger night at Rustic Canyon, which serves seasonal cuisine and was recently voted the best gourmet burger in LA
Tuesday: Roasted pork tenderloin, Beets, and Swiss Chard with Green Garlic
Wednesday: Sweet potatoes, Apples and Braising Greens with baked ham
Thursday: Chicken braised in pumpkin seed mole (with Radishes and Cilantro)
Somewhere in there for lunch: Lettuce, Spinach and Carrot salad with lemony Green Garlic dressing

Off to bed I go.  One thing I know is that with all this cooking and food and eating (as healthy as it may be), I need to be getting up and getting my exercise in before work.  Food preparation, along with dinner and parenting, takes up all of my post-work hours these days, so I gotta get up and be active early.  Yet another reason that I can't wait for it to warm up around here!

P.S. If this is your first time visiting, read this to learn more about what our family is up to!

This week's title is inspired by the Nirvana song In Bloom.

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