Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 17 in Review

The Score
Eaters - 9     Compost - 0     Carry Over - 1

For a meal planning "vacation" week, we did a pretty good job of eating stuff up.  We made a couple of big green salads over the weekend, along with a veggie/rice noodle stir fry featuring the Broccoli and Tatsoi for meatless Monday.  The boys eat a lot of cucumbers and fruit, and we love avocados around here, so it was actually an easy week for us to do well.  I had caramelized up the onions, and we still have a few left that will likely get eaten up on sandwiches this weekend.  We also still have quite a few zucchinis left, but I had bought several extra pounds last weekend on my quest to create a super healthy, moist, tasty version of zucchini bread for the family.  Last week, I experimented with banana and zucchini together, which had some merits, but the spices were a bit off.  The experimentation continues this week, and once I have a great recipe to share, it will get posted here.  What we didn't do AT ALL this week was take photos; sort of the opposite of what one does on a vacation week.  Oh, well.  Time to start over again as Week 18 begins!

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