Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 10 in Review

The Score
Eaters - 11    Compost - 0     Carry Over - 1
Once again, we have lettuce carrying over into next week. It sometimes seems funny to me that the one vegetable we most commonly ate in the past is the one that is often the last to get eaten up these days. A boring old salad just doesn't seem to be cutting it these days. What did get made this week seemed to be all about balancing and playing with different aspects of the ingredients: sweet and sour, umami and salty, chewy and tender, hearty and light. Though not a lot got made as compared to a typical week, what did get made was all quite yummy. 

The Winner
  • Though not officially 'from the box,' we all love the blueberry meyer lemon marmalade that was made out of berries from our weekly trip to the farmer's market, as well as lemons from our backyard. For more on the fun we had making marmalade, have a look at blog entry Lemon Drop

The Good
  • Our weekend dinner straight from the farmer's market was our first dinner eaten outside this year! The grilled Zucchini and Zebra Potatoes were the perfect accompaniments for a juicy barbecued steak.
  • Crispy prosciutto was delicious with the spinach and basil. This frittata was the best one yet.
  • Simply sauteed Sugar Snap Peas with Green Garlic were a great addition to fresh Basil pesto pasta. The heartiness of the whole wheat pasta rounded out the dish quite nicely.

The Rest
  • Experimenting in food preparations continued last weekend. In addition to the fantastic marmelade, we tried a second batch of pickles, along with some yogurt and fresh bread. We liked last week's pickle recipe better, the yogurt was a bit runny, and the bread didn't rise quite like it seemed it should have, but it was still a really fun couple of days of cooking!

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