Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 2 - Hold Back the Rain

I've lived in Southern California for about twenty years, and this is one of the wettest weeks that I can remember - especially given that it's late March.  It makes one want to stay inside, bundle up in a blanket or two, and eat warm and cozy meals.  Though I'm still jonesing for some spring fare, the contents of this week's box will make some meals that go quite well with the forecast.

In the box this week
(top row) Lettuce, Rapini (Broccoli Rabe), Tatsoi, Red Russian Kale
(bottom row) Cilantro, Bunching Onions, Carrots, Beets, Blood Oranges, Apples, Strawberries

Meal plan for the week
Sunday: Rapini with penne & italian sausage (a recipe from our CSA!)
Tuesday: Chicken citrus salad (using Lettuce, Carrots, Blood Oranges and last week's Radishes)
Wednesday: Hanoi noodle soup (using Tatsoi, Bunching Onions, and Cilantro)
Thursday: Pesto pork tenderloin with couscous and roasted Beets

As I've taken the photos after unpacking the box, I've been taken by how pretty the food is.  In addition to many shades of green, there has been nearly every color of the rainbow represented.  While I've not been the most adventurous eater in my life (even with eight years as a vegetarian in there), this feast for the eyes makes somewhat frightening foods seem amazingly appetizing.  
I keep calling this process of documenting our foods an 'experiment' when I'm talking to the boys.  Though I'm not sure what my hypothesis is going in, I know without a doubt that I'm learning a lot already. 

This week's title is inspired by the Duran Duran song of the same name.

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