Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 1 in Review

The Score
Eaters - 11    Compost - 0.5    Carry Over - 0.5
Not too bad for a box with twelve items, though I'm hoping that we'll do better as we get the swing of this.  One of the heads of lettuce wilted beyond the point of restoration before we got to it (so into the compost it went), and we didn't get through all of the radishes, but those should keep for at least another week so I'm confident we'll get them eaten up eventually.

The Good
  • The grilled halibut with tatsoi was amazing.  We'd all eat that again (and make more so we don't have to fight over the little bit extra we had)!
  • Eating homemade saag aloo made the chicken that we prepared with store bought tikka masala sauce pale in comparison:

The So-So
  • The carrot cake muffins were very tasty, though super sweet (to the point that no frosting was needed, nor made) and so moist they fell apart went taking them out of the pan.  Next time I bake these, I might cut the sugar a bit, and I will definitely use paper liners.
  • The carrot, blood orange and radish salad was interesting and beautiful, but not a combination of flavors that will bring us running back:

The Ugly 
  • The flavors of the sauteed kale and sorrel just did not go together, resulting in a flatbread that was overly bitter.  Next time, I'll do better to find separate recipes for these two greens!

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