Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 1 - Here Comes the Sun (almost...)

It finally is starting to feel like spring, though the produce in this week's box doesn't quite reflect that.  The fact is, the weather in California has been unusually cold this year (as it has been across the country), and so our CSA has communicated that crops have been damaged, or delayed as compared to what we might usually see this time of year. 

In the box this week
(top row) Lettuce, Spinach, Sorrel, Kale, Tatsoi
(bottom row) Spinach, Radishes, Beets, Carrots, Strawberries, Apples, Blood Oranges

Meal plan for the week
Sunday: BBQ duck, flatbread topped with sauteed Sorrel & Kate, roasted Beets; also making Carrot cake muffins
Monday: Carrot, Blood Orange & Radish salad
Tuesday: Pasta primavera (using Carrots in sauce)
Wednesday: Chicken tikka masala, saag aloo (using Spinach)
Thursday: Turkey taco salads (with Lettuce, Radishes)
Friday: Grilled halibut with Tatsoi

So, here's hoping we can eat up everything from our box!  We'll consume the fruits without any problem, hence their absence from the meal plan.  I'll try to take some photos along the way, and will report back on what we most enjoyed!

This week's title is inspired by the Beatles song of the same name.

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